30 Days of Journaling to Cultivate Self Love

Updated: Feb 1

Journaling is an effective, self-therapeutic tool. Science has proven that it reduces stress and anxiety and improves communication. Journaling is a language exploration tool that allows you to talk to your mind and uncover hidden thoughts and feelings so you can process them.

Journaling is one of my primary outlets for self-growth. As a natural communicator, journaling plays on my strengths to have open and honest communication with myself. And, it has been a powerful transformation tool towards cultivating self-love.

How to Journal

Buy a journal that inspires you, there are many beautiful options to choose from. Find a favorite pen and place where you feel comfortable. Dedicate a minimum of fifteen minutes daily to journaling using a different prompt for each day from the list below. Start by spending a few minutes thinking about the prompt and then write whatever comes to mind for the next fifteen minutes.

Do not worry about wording, just let the words pour out of your head and onto the paper. No one will be grading your journal for grammatical syntax or coherence. Think of journaling as a directed brain dump.

After your fifteen minutes are up, go back and read what you have written. Go slowly and take time to process how those words make you feel.

Ask yourself these three questions to help process what you have written:

  1. How do these words make you feel?

  2. Were you aware of these feelings before journaling?

  3. What action do you need to take next?

Reflect on your intentions and kindness. If you were critical of yourself in your journaling, were your words kind? Do they sound like how you would speak to a dear friend or significant other? If not, take five more minutes and rephrase your words with the intention of being gentle and kind.

30 Journaling Prompts for Self Love

  1. Write down three things that bring you joy. Why?

  2. What personality trait do you feel is the most magnetic? Do you often show this trait to others close to you? How about casual acquaintances and strangers? If you suppress this personality trait, why?

  3. Write down an accomplishment that you are proud of. What did it take for you to get there or why is it significant?

  4. Write your definition of self-love. Name one thing that you already do that shows love to yourself and one thing that you want to start doing to love yourself more.

  5. Write about your perfect day. What activities would you choose to do, where would you be and who would you be with?

  6. Write about one strength (first) and one weakness (second). Why are you good at your strength and what can you do to improve your weakness?

  7. What is the best compliment you have received? Why?

  8. Write about something you are grateful for and why?

  9. Write about a time that you helped someone else. What did they need, what did you do, and how did it make you feel?

  10. Write about your definition of beautiful. What attracts you to other people? Do you find that beauty in yourself?

  11. Write about your favorite memory. Include as many details about who was there, what happened, how it made you feel, and why it is your favorite.

  12. Name your values. Write about how you use these values in your life.

  13. If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, but you only had a few minutes, what would you say?

  14. Write about something in your past that you regret. How has that experience shaped your future? Write an apology to yourself and if you haven’t already done so, give yourself some grace and forgive the mistake. You were a different person then.

  15. What (or to whom) are you afraid to speak up about? What is the worst thing that could happen if you did speak up? If someone had to tell you the same thing, how would you want them to deliver the news?

  16. What is your least favorite trait about yourself? Why do you find it hard to love yourself? Or, why do you feel like you deserve less love than someone else?

  17. What is one thing that your partner/friend/spouse does that makes you feel loved? What are ways that you can do the same for yourself?

  18. Write about a time that you wished you had said no. What was the request, what happened and why did you regret it? What can you look for to avoid that situation in the future?

  19. What is your favorite trait about your partner? Write about what attracted you to this person in the beginning and how your relationship has manifested based on that attraction. If you are not romantically involved, consider writing about your closest friends.

  20. If you were going to move across the country tomorrow and could only bring what fits in your car, what would make the list? What areas of your life need to be decluttered. If you move away, what relationships will end?

  21. Write about something that is unique to you. How does this trait make you feel?

  22. What is your current dream? What is one step you can take to move closer to achieving your dream?

  23. Write about something that you wish you could say yes to, but usually, say no? Why do you say no? What would happen if you said yes?

  24. Write down three negative thoughts that you have on a recurring basis. Turn them into positives and rewrite them.

  25. Take a selfie with no prep and no filters. Describe what you see using kind, loving language.

  26. What does your support system look like? Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly? What do you need to make it better?

  27. Write down six words that describe yourself. Looking at your list, are there more positives or negatives? How does this list make you feel? How can you change it?

  28. Write about how you are making the world a better place? Is there room to take care of yourself in those plans?

  29. Write about your emotional baggage. What has happened in your life to shape you? If your feelings are negative, you are still healing. Try to find something (no matter how small) positive about the experience. Even if the positive is that it taught you a hard lesson.

  30. Write about something in your life that causes stress or anxiety. How can you get rid of it?

Self love is essential to happiness. It is essential to learning how to love others and to building healthy relationships. #JointheJourney and journal your way to happier life.

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