Do Dreams Affect Our Happiness?

Podcast Show Notes | Episode 9 - Dreams and Happiness

Our dreams can be a fun, or terrifying way to explore our subconscious. If you ask anyone on the street, you are likely to find a wide range of reactions to dreaming. Some people dream often while others can barely recall details from dreams. Some people enjoy dreaming and others are terrified of it.

The wide divide in how we experience and perceive dreams may have a lot to do with our ever-fragile state of mental health. In episode 9 of the Find Your Happy podcast, I dive in to the ideas behind dreams and share my thoughts on their relationship to our individual happiness.

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode we explore current ideas about dreams and why we experience them. Some of the important questions that we discuss include:

  • Are people dreaming less today than in the past?

  • Are dreams purposeful or evolutionary by-product?

  • What is the relationship between dreaming and REM sleep?

  • What is rebound dream theory?

  • Is dreaming important for our emotional health?

  • Should we take an active role in assessing our dreams?

  • Are nightmares and night terrors a form of dreaming?

  • Can you prevent nightmares?

  • What is the relationship between dreaming and our happiness?

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Resource List

Harvard School of Public Health on Emotions, Happiness and Heart Disease

American Psychological Association: The role of Sleep in Emotional Brain Processing

National Library of Medicine: Dreaming and Learning

National Library of Medicine: Recurring Dreams

National Library of Medicine: Effect of Anxiety on Dream Content

Understanding Nightmares by

What is the purpose of dreaming? Is there a relationship between dreaming and achieving happiness?


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