Decoding Healthy Eating in 2021

In a society that is always looking for a quick fix to getting and staying thin, we are no stranger to the latest fad in dieting that promises to be the answer. Part of the problem is that there is no one-size-fits all solution that works for every person.

Our genes, lifestyle, and food choices are all pieces of a puzzle that has to be solved for each person. These topics cause BIG arguments in the world of fitness and nutrition. But even when our opinions differ, I think we all agree that long-term, sustainable healthy habits do a lot more good than any so-called 'diet' or healthy eating fad.

In this Episode:

  • The Low-down on Processed Foods

  • Breaking down the Yogurt Aisle

  • Benefits of Greek Yogurt & Which One You Should Choose

  • Artificial Sweeteners and Added Sugars

  • What You Need to Know About Plant-based Milks

  • What is a Plant-based Diet? (hint: it's not necessarily vegetarian)

Listen Here:


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