Can Hate and Happiness Coexist?

Episode 11 | Show Notes

Hate and happiness are both strong emotions. They are also seemingly opposite emotions. But the science says that hate may be more than just an emotion. Happy individuals tend to find ways to diffuse these feelings and let go of grievances that cause hate. And, those of us who hold on to those negative feelings, tend to report being a little unhappier.

Dealing with our feelings is uncomfortable and easily avoidable. But suppression tends to have a rebounding effect, bringing the same unresolved feelings up over and over again. It is like the old pattern that some couples fall into where they keep bringing up the past in fights or to punish their partner.

In this episode, I explore hate and happiness to see how they effect one another.

Episode Summary

  • What is hate and where does it come from?

  • Five Interesting Facts About Hate

  • Purpose of Hate

  • Exposure to Hate

  • How do Emotions Affect Our Health

  • What is Negativity Bias?

  • How Can We Limit Our Exposure to Hate

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University of Minnesota Study

Facts About Hate


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